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COVID-19 Update 1 : Semantia Technology Alert

  • 2 min read
COVID-19 technology alert from Semantia

With the world now rushing to control the spread of COVID-19, more and more communities are being asked to isolate and go into “lockdown”.

I am pleased to say that our team is safe and we took the decision to respect the need for social distancing last week and we’re all working from home.

This is allowing us to maintain current support and services, as well as protect the interests and investments in our your online assets.

Right now we’re beginning to see signs of an increase in malicious online activity.

Specifically, “denial of service” attacks, web form “pranking” and “trolling”.

These are likely to be related to bored people with nothing better to do while in isolation at home.

What’s a Denial of Service (DOS) attack?

These are hacker-instigated attacks on computer networks which cause servers to become interrupted or unavailable. These are generally short-lived events that can get picked up quickly and isolated.

Denial of Service attacks likely due to COVID-19

What’s Web Form Pranking?

This is done by bored or angry people when they want to harm other third parties and involves randomly entering another person’s contact information into website contact us forms.

What’s Trolling?

When people believe they have anonymity, they may behave without restraint. In social media in particular, bullying and malicious messaging, fake reviews are an everyday evil that many brands and businesses are already having to contend with.

At this stage, the activity is mostly annoying rather than malicious.

We continue to work with all our partners to ensure that any website, web app, SaaS systems, Cloud integrations and other items in our care and management, remain protected.

With the gloom surrounding the current coronavirus situation, Semantia remains business as usual. If there’s a specialised web app that you need right now, get in touch. We’ll make IT happen.