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About Semantia Building Success

Our Story

What started in 1993 was our passion for innovative digital solutions and it burns brighter than ever today

The company name – ‘Semantia’ is a play on the word ‘Semantic’, and reflects our fascination with logic and linguistics. Especially in that ever evolving space where technology and people come together.

Today’s, Semantia is a fast moving software development and digital solutions company working with mid-sized businesses who are focused on rapid expansion and growth.

Semantia is “The development team” these businesses rely on to bring together existing IT systems and the new global SaaS ecosystem… into one seamless customised solution.

Working collaboratively with clients to deliver solutions optimised for business success – 

  • increasing performance in sales and marketing through smart system integrations for strong financial returns,
  • improving customer loyalty and retention with CRM and process automations for memorable follow-ups and a bigger market share,
  • reducing errors and processing times with technology and systems for data handling to reduce costs,
  • optimising the digital value chain with secured integrations and comms for strong partner relations, 
  • implementing innovation through technology that gives you a competitive edge and future proofing, &
  • identifying new trends from industry insights (as well as analytics), to give you new opportunities for growth and scale.

As masters of re-invention, Semantia builds the solutions needed – to re-invent, innovate and transform.

Why we are different

Our belief in education goes beyond snappy slogans. With staff regularly attending recognised leading edge international conferences, workshops and training sessions.

Every member of the Semantia team is constantly learning –

  • new programming languages,
  • new heuristics in UX and UI,
  • new ways of architecting solutions,
  • new strategies for solving business problems, and
  • new ideas to disrupt, dominate and diversify (for your business).

Through our research and learning we prototype, build proof of concept (POC) technology and present the best possible solutions, with the greatest future opportunities to you.

Team Semantia

The Outcomes Clients Love

Business Automation

"Semantia has helped me truly automate my online marketing. We're now providing even more value to our Melbourne-based business coaching clients than we've ever been able to in the past."
Outcomes Business Coaching Group
David Guest

Systems Integration

"Semantia built the integration we needed between our cloud-based systems to help us streamline our business. That has kept our office Admin costs low and made us more efficient."
Property Investors
Tim Ash

Innovative Technology

"Semantia helped Toll's automotive component logistics division enter into the highly specialised Automotive Sequencing market. Building a fully-managed solution - integrating our warehouse, transport and logistics functions and Ford Australia's Broadmeadows assembly line. The solution was delivered within 6 weeks."
Toll Group
Frank Scarano
General Manager