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Works with Dialpad

Ready to take Dialpad automations to the next level?

Dialpad/CRM Integrations

We're pleased to announce a fully-managed-for-you automations & integrations between Dialpad and your CRM.

Your Software Needs are Definitely Different to Everyone Elses

The software and apps you need to do business are fundamental to how well you perform. From productivity to profits, the IT systems that you and your team use are a vital part of your success; now and as you grow.

Off-the-shelf software can get you part of the way there… but what about that last vital piece of functionality? The difference maker. The bit that sets you apart from all others. That piece of functionality that embodies your values, elevates your business to stand “head and shoulders” above your competition – for quality, professionalism and great customer service.

In today’s highly competitive world, it’s the software, apps and interfaces you use that mark you out as exceptional… An industry leader that just keeps getting bigger and better.

To be that business, you –

"Build it Your Way"

Semantia building globally competitive software and apps

Competing for the Future

The gates are open. The competition just got a lot bigger, more aggressive and ever ready to do deals.

Robust economies like Australia’s are prime targets for international businesses struggling to make ends meet by only doing business locally in their own country.

Savvy, innovation embracing businesses are leading the way when it comes to market domination and wallet share. Making transactions and doing business convenient, seamless, robust and repeatable.

Whether it’s automation, integration of old tech with new smarts or taking business from the desktop to the palm of your hand – helping your customers, suppliers and partners to depend on you through technology that forges your combined success is the future winning formula.

Working with Semantia

How we work together

Like in many great organisations, there is a flow – the systems, processes and knowledgable individuals brought together effectively to create a professional high quality outcome.

Semantia has a flow that keeps you close to the action, without boring you with details or confusing stuff you simply don’t need to know (like debugging schedules or image resolution and compression, for example).

Working with Semantia
Our flow starts with an Idea Consultation meeting. You can start it on your own (at the bottom of this page) or by calling 1300 766 328.

Inspirational & Interesting

Semantia is fortunate to have long standing relationships with many clients (our average relationship lasts 7 years). This is because of the collaborative way we respectfully work together; but mainly because of the interesting, inspirational ideas and suggestions we make a habit of bringing to clients.

Inpirational and interesting ideas that are aligned to their business objectives and take into consideration the culture and values of their business. Not as a generic blog or email newsletter, but as personalised correspondence, direct phone calls and commercial in confidence presentations.

Here are showcased some of the source materials that are drawn upon for the interesting and inspirational suggestions Semantia provides.

Dynamic Online Quoting

Zapier SaaS Integration

Quoting App

"The new online rating and quoting application has created a self-service capability for PrixCar Transport Services' customers that is now generating more than 20,000 quotes and $1.4 million in revenue per month - saving more than 10,000 hours per year."
PrixCar Transport Services
Patrick Kashani
National IT Manager

Integrated Payments

"Bang! Goal! Done! Now that is fast."
Institution of Surveyors Victoria
Gary White
Executive Officer

AI Systems Integration

"A fully-managed solution - integrating Toll Group's warehouse, transport and logistics functions and Ford Australia's Broadmeadows assembly line was delivered within 6 weeks."
Toll Group
Wayne Hunt
General Manager

Let’s do it your way and create something amazing

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