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Technology Integration

Bringing Your Systems & Processes Together

Organisations spend between 40% and 60% of IT budgets on integration – with the majority of these funds spent on the actual maintenance of interfaces.

A tremendous amount of business data and processes is tied up in legacy systems ranging from mainframes to custom applications to other software lacking accessible interfaces.

Getting that information out and making it available to their people, customers and partners – strategically – has become a challenge for many organisations.

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Technology Interoperability

Like many of our clients, you have unique needs and distinct requirements for systems and technology integration. In some cases, these can be satisfied using off-the-shelf software and business IT services.

When your needs are specific to the way you operate your business, an off-the-shelf solution will fail to provide what you need.

Semantia helps companies overcome the challenge of technology interoperability through the development of “bridging software” with custom interfaces.

Semantia’s technology integration services securely open up proprietary systems (with their proprietary data formats) in a way that lets you take advantage of your newer systems, as well as emerging, open, cloud-based systems – anywhere, anytime.

Whether it’s a need to reduce your IT operating expenses, an opportunity to enter into new markets with new business services or even a desire to correct inefficiencies within your organisation – our clients turn to us to provide specialised and bespoke software solutions to expand their operations and grow their business.

Autonomous, Intelligent, Agent-Based Integration

Sometimes, your business challenges cannot be easily coded using conventional approaches. This is because, the technical challenges can only be expressed as a set of rules and tasks.

As availability to data becomes a critical differentiation point for competitiveness in the current economy, ambitious organisations want access to key information in real-time and delivered as a priority.

IT Managers in Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics are often confronted with the problem of how to adequately convert an operational concept into a solution that not only supports it but also acts as a virtual manager to the physical tasks.

Semantia has a core focus on developing automated integration solutions, using state-of-the-art Semantic Web and Intelligent System techniques that accelerate business growth beyond levels achieved through conventional means.