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Software Development

Bespoke Software Made Just for You

Semantia is a developer of highly specialised software. Software built to do exactly what you need it to do.

For more than 20 years, Semantia has been building software and technology solutions that help businesses achieve higher rates of return on their investment, and grow their business

During that time, we have learned that truly successful software is the result of collaboration with you, following an agreed strategic plan, using lean methodology and agile development processes.

This approach we use creates software that has the flexibility to grow as you grow, to delivery business outcomes that traditional software can’t handle and provide a support team including the people who helped build it.

Accelerating Business Results Through Software and Technology

According to a 2012 Gartner report, between 59% and 74% of software development projects will fail because of one of three reasons.

Those 3 reasons software development projects fail are: 1) the project is late, 2) the project goes over budget, 3) the software developed has missing functions, or worst still, all three. That same Gartner report goes onto say that up to 35% of software projects are so poorly run that they are cancelled because they offer so little value.

Software designed today and delivered in 12 months (or even six months) that will likely miss a business cycle, can only deliver limited benefit in the short term.

This is why our development methodology is designed to deliver immediate value and results within 90 days.

When you choose Semantia, you collaborate with a team of software developers with outstanding technical ability. You also get access to Semantia’s strategic specialists – business analysts, project managers, quality assurance professionals and customer experience experts. All focused on helping you identify where you can make the strongest improvements in your business through software solutions; and then building that as you need.

And, if you’ve already acquired software that you need integrated into your existing technical infrastructure; we do that too.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Bespoke custom designed and developed software for your business needs. Software applications, transaction platforms, new APIs, vital reporting tools, front-end interfaces and cloud-based solutions.

Using the latest development methodologies of agile and DevOps together with best practices in project management to deliver on milestones and go live launch dates.

AI and Genetic Algorithms

“Game changing” solutions that step your business up to the “next gen” level.

Grow your business with actionable insights built on your expert business knowledge IP brought to life through software.

Smart software using AI, supports you and your team, so you can adapt with speed and agility to fast moving economic changes.

Putting your IP into intelligent AI software
See your data in real time with Semantia built software

Real-time Data Exchange

Slow reporting in a fast paced digital business environment, means being out of step with your customers and supply change.

The faster you can see your business data, the sooner you can respond to challenges; and more importantly to opportunities.

From forecasting to modelling, the ability to have visibility along supply chains, to anticipate market changes and plan for alternate future directions are key in uncertain times.