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Services & Technology

Software, Apps and Integration

Semantia innovates, builds, and integrates – offering end-to-end solutions, using rapid to market execution and expert technical after deployment support.

In a digital world, technology strategy is inseparable from your business strategy. Where successful leaders everywhere rely on technology platforms to enable collaboration, transaction speed, customer-first operations and business growth. 

Your technology platform (technology stack) is as unique as a fingerprint. It may have some of the same component parts as the next guy, but how you use it and the value you squeeze out of it is all you.

Clients turn to Semantia to get them even more – higher performance, richer experiences, smarter automation, decisive data, faster transactions, transformative business


Software Development

From prototypes to enterprise solutions; in the cloud or behind a firewall on dedicated servers. Building software requires a team of experienced professionals able to collaborate and fit in with you and your team.

Using agile software development, our cross-functional team works closely with you to create a solution that delivers on your objectives. That means your team helps deal with uncertainty during the build – Avoiding cost blow-outs, a project that over runs and under featured software that misses the mark.

Technology Integration

Whether you goal is a unified view of business operations, to eradicate duplication and inefficiencies or prepare your IT environment for automation, integration gets the job done.

Through extensive mapping of your systems and cataloging the discrete definitions of your data, we build a bridge that brings together your disparate systems to achieve seamless integration with maintained data integrity. 

IT Consulting

Contract in the IT expertise you need, when you need it. 

Whether you’re deciding on a CRM or how to prioritise competing mission-critical projects with stretched resources. Having a well researched and knowledgable peer to do the leg work or validate your strategy can alleviate pressure and provide the confirmation needed to move forward confidently.

Web Apps

Web apps put communication and commerce in the hands of your customers, suppliers, employees, partners and stakeholders.

Our ezumi framework makes building your next app faster and easier than ever before. Giving you more control, better access to user data and expanded reach.