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IT Consulting

Supporting Your Team and Technology

Senior IT specialists with practical experience solving a large array of challenges can be difficult to find and even more challenging to recruit and employ.

Often your business only needs the expertise for a short duration and contracting through a large agency where personnel are swapped and changed regularly can feel like you’re not valued or important.

Going it alone without external assistance can make your company’s board or CEO a little nervous and result in some unexpected (and possibly career limiting) changes in your own employment arrangements, as risks get mitigated.

Semantia’s team of professionals have assisted IT teams large and small with problem solving, planning, execution and support for over 20 years. 

Accountability and Follow Through

In person and on-the-ground consulting to assist your organisation with its IT challenges.

Get direct access on the phone, by email and through video calls when your consultant is not on-site. Then when the project is completed, know that your consultant is there for follow up and review if and when you need it.

Semantia IT consultants check-in with you long after your project is done to ensure that you are comfortable and confident, should anything unexpected happen.

Software Architect Consulting

The only service of its kind – Software Architect Consulting brings together up to 10 of your key stakeholders and team members with a focus on solving IT problems before they arise.

Run as a facilitated workshop over four weeks, it delivers focus and results across four key dimensions:

  1. Business and Opportunities
  2. Features and Functionality
  3. Technical Fit and Operational Drivers
  4. Implementation and Strategy
Your virtual CTO from Semantia

Virtual CTO

For a fraction of the cost required to recruit and employ a full-time CTO, your organisation can work with a leading technology strategist who will assess technology options for you and work directly with your team to develop a technical solution to fulfill your corporate vision.