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Semantia has a long history of solving complex problems for businesses small and large

Over the last 20 years we’ve created 25 award winning, industry changing technology solutions that revolutionised the companies they were built for.

Every single solution, started as an idea… driven by a mission and need for results.

You take the lead...

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Ideas Built into Real Solutions

App for COVID Tracking

When the Australian government launched the COVIDsafe app, we were asked to build a low-cost QR code scanning app that would provide easier traceability for team members and visitors.

The app was built in 3 weeks and provided a simple contact-less way for people to keep a record of the common areas and other spaces they had shared with others.

Since its release, the app has had a number of innovative changes inspired by the key stakeholder to increase usefulness for their purposes.

Contact Tracing App built with PWA
OKR App built with PWA for business coach and entrepreneurs

App for OKR Goal Setting

Our client, a business coaching practice, asked for a proof of concept (PoC) app to be built to road-test OKR (Objective & Key Results) goal setting and monitoring at the individual level.

The app needed to have a strong emphasis on personal accountability for their business coaching clients.

The first generation PoC was developed in 4 weeks and then refined over a further 5 weeks.

The project has since evolved to incorporate a large set of new features and a new UX/UI to work better for the clients objectives.

What Semantia's Clients Say About Their Results

Infusionsoft Business Automation

"Semantia has helped me truly automate my online marketing. We're now providing even more value to our Melbourne-based business coaching clients than we've ever been able to in the past."
Outcomes Business Coaching Group
David Guest

Keap-Monday Integration

"Semantia built the integration we needed between our cloud-based systems to help us streamline our business. That has kept our office Admin costs low and made us more efficient."
Property Investors
Tim Ash
Managing Director

Supply Chain Integration

"Semantia helped Toll's automotive component logistics division enter into the highly specialised Automotive Sequencing market. Building a fully-managed solution - integrating our warehouse, transport and logistics functions and Ford Australia's Broadmeadows assembly line. The solution was delivered within 6 weeks."
Toll Group
Frank Scarano
General Manager

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