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The Business Benefits of Integrating Dialpad and Keap

The Business Benefits of Integrating DialPad VOIP Phone System and Keap Automated Marketing CRM

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, the integration of powerful tools can be a game-changer.

One such potent combination is the integration of Dialpad’s VOIP Phone System with Keap’s Automated Marketing CRM.

This amalgamation brings together the best of communication and customer relationship management, offering a plethora of benefits that range from effective data collection to boosting team productivity.

Let’s delve into the multifaceted advantages of this integration.

Effective Data Collection

Real-time Data Capture

Take advantage of Dialpad’s AI-powered state-of-the-art voice transcription and forget the frantic note-taking.

When Dialpad’s real-time call transcriptions are directly fed into Keap’s CRM, you get a rich source of communication data.

This real-time data capture ensures that every customer interaction is logged, analyzed, and can be made actionable for more persuasive marketing.

Enhanced Customer Profiles

Keap CRM has over 150 custom fields available for customer profiles making it easier than ever to store information, report and segment your customers that’s specific to your business or industry.

Enriching Keap customer profiles with Dialpad’s call data – including call duration, frequency, and even sentiment analysis gives clearer insight into customer motivations and what they value most.

Creating a more comprehensive view of each customer; which is invaluable for targeted marketing and personalised customer service.

Low Operating Costs

Streamlined Operations

Integrations help you seamlessly move data through your business, eliminating the need for manual data entry between systems. saves time and reduces errors (as well as fraud).

This streamlining customer call data between Keap and Dialpad, reduces administrative overheads, saves time, minimises the risk of human error (and potential fraud). All this lowers your operating costs and allows your employees to focus instead on value-added tasks.

Optimized Marketing Spend

DialPad’s analytics gives you more accurate data, about your sales and marketing team’s performance on customer calls and call outcomes. Giving you better data to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources and budget.

Enhanced automated Keap tagging for customer profiles with Dialpad analytics data means you can fine-tune marketing campaigns, for achieving higher ROI.

Streamlines Post-Call Actions

Automated Follow-ups

Once a call ends, the integration between Dialpad and Keap can trigger specific actions, such as sending a follow-up email, scheduling a future call, or even initiating a targeted marketing campaign based on the call’s content.

Automated follow-ups free up your agents for making more calls and prevents customers or tasks from being forgotten.

Task Assignments

Customers want to buy from businesses that are responsive and follow through on what they say they will do.

After a customer call, there are often lots of different action items an agent needs to attend to and reassign. In this busy time it can be easy to overlook or forget to pass on a message, leaving the customer “hanging”.

Integrating Dialpad and Keap means tasks can be automatically assigned to team members within Keap as soon as a call ends. For instance, if a customer expressed interest in a particular product during a call, an office admin could be automatically tasked with mailing a sample, detailed product information or a catalogue.

Leverage SMS and Automation

SMS Marketing

Integrating Dialpad and Keap to leverage SMS and follow-up campaign automation

Both Dialpad and Keap support SMS functionalities. By integrating the two, businesses can automate SMS marketing campaigns based on call outcomes within minutes – keeping your customer focused on your business and brand beyond the phone call.

Imagine a sales rep calls a customer about a specific offer, an SMS with a link to more details or a discount coupon can be automatically sent after the call (or as part of an automated SMS follow-up campaign to the customer).

Automated Workflows

Integration means Keap’s robust automation features can be triggered by events within Dialpad.

From setting reminders on missed calls to sending out customer surveys. An unanswered or missed call doesn’t have to be the end of communication with your customer – “until next time”.

Keap automated workflows can keep customers up-to-date on important offers and information even when they don’t have time to answer the phone.

Monitoring Important Call Analytics

Understanding Call Outcomes

Integration between Dialpad and Keap brings analytics about your team and your customers closer together.

Usual sales call analytics such as call tracking, time tracking, call duration, conversion ratio and response rate (available in Dialpad) that are passed through to Keap allow new types of customer segmentation for gaining valuable new insights.

Beyond assessment of sales rep performance, insights into patterns of customer behaviour and trends in interactions based on customer history are now available for better understanding of why certain call outcomes happen.

Data-Driven Decisions

With real-time call analytics, businesses can make immediate adjustments to their strategies, scripts and choice of target market. Whether it’s identifying upsell opportunities or addressing customer pain points, the data is readily available for quick decision-making.

Changing out contact lists (a Keap segment) being used by sales reps/agents based on real-time call analytics, prevents rejection, exhaustion, and failure. Giving your team the best opportunities to convert and move leads into the sales pipeline.

Boosting Team Productivity

Centralized Information

Integrating Keap and Dialpad means having all customer interactions and data in one place. This eliminates the need for team members to switch between systems, thereby increasing efficiency.

Sales reps and agents can stay on Dialpad making calls, while your support team (and marketing) works in Keap where they access all the customer data they need, as well as call outcomes from the sales team.

Improved Collaboration

Integrating Dialpad and Keap from improved collaboration

No matter what systems you connect together; integration allows for seamless internal communication. When business departments can access relevant data, they make informed and more accurate decisions. No more guessing, procrastinating or relying on gut feelings.

By integrating Dialpad and Keap, team members from different areas of your business can more easily share data.

Shared data facilitates better collaboration by eliminating data duplication, improving the trustworthiness of data and reducing contradictory analysis. The “single source of truth” saves time and results in faster problem-solving by everyone in your business.

Easier Access to Customer and Real-Time Calling Data

Instant Data Retrieval

During a call, customer data from Keap can be instantly displayed within Dialpad’s interface, and vice versa. This allows your sales reps and agents to prepare for a more personalised and informed conversations on the phone.

Real-Time Updates

When your agent updates contact information in Dialpad that change is automatically updated in Keap. This ensures that team members always have access to the most current data, whether they’re on a call or executing a marketing campaign.

Synchronizing Call and Customer Data Two Ways

Bi-Directional Data Flow

When the integration supports two-way data synchronization, Dialpad and Keap exchange and both get the most up-to-date information. This is crucial for maintaining data integrity (the overall accuracy, completeness, and reliability of data) and consistency across systems (data in one system is the same as data in the other).

Historical Data

When Dialpad and Keap are integrated, past call data can be synced with historical customer data in Keap. Changes to your sales team or agents no longer affects the historic customer data and Keap contacts can be easily reassigned to other Dialpad users in your team.

This capturing and storing of historic call data in Keap provides a complete picture of the customer journey. Which is invaluable for long-term relationship building and customer retention strategies.

Seamlessly Integrating Dialpad and Keap

The integration of Dialpad’s VOIP Phone System and Keap’s Automated Marketing CRM offers a synergistic relationship that amplifies the strengths of each system. From effective data collection to streamlined operations, the benefits are manifold.

Businesses can leverage this integration to automate workflows, gain real-time insights, and enhance customer engagement, all while reducing operating costs. Unifying these systems boosts team productivity by centralizing data and facilitating internal collaboration. With easier access to real-time and historical data, businesses are better equipped to offer personalized customer experiences.

In a world where data is king, the integration of these two powerful tools offers businesses the royal treatment, equipping them with the resources they need to reign supreme in their respective markets.

Semantia developed Agent Envoy, a smart integration app that seamlessly connects Dialpad and Keap. With bi-directional data flow it ensures that both your Dialpad and Keap systems stay synchronised.

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