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New Car Transport Leads Generation Platform Launched by Semantia

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PTXchange for Car Transport Leads

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of PTXchange, to include a groundbreaking car transport lead generation platform specifically designed for car shipping companies across Australia.

About PTXchange

PTXchange is a suite of systems, processes and state-of-the-art technologies that redefines how car shipping companies connect with potential customers.

Every month, PTXchange generates several thousand quote requests from customers that need to transport their vehicles across Australia.

Unlike traditional lead generation methods, PTXchange offers a streamlined, cost-effective and user-friendly platform that allows vehicle transportation companies to cut their customer acquisition costs by as much as 60%.

Key Features

  • Direct IT System Integration: Leads are directly inserted into the company’s internal IT systems, ensuring real-time updates and minimising manual data entry.
  • Full Control: Companies maintain complete control over their relationships with leads and the booking process, without the need to share pricing or sign into external portals.
  • Affordable Access: PTXchange is structured in a way that provides an affordable solution to connect with high-quality, ready-to-book customers.

A Word from Semantia

Semantia has always been at the forefront of providing innovative IT solutions that cater to the specific needs of businesses.

With a rich history of developing software and solutions that are not just functional but are also pivotal in enhancing business performance and profitability, Semantia has crafted PTXchange to be a beacon of connectivity between vehicle transport companies and customers.

“PTXchange is not just a platform; it’s a bridge that connects service providers with service seekers in a way that is mutually beneficial,” says Luce Chandon, CEO of Semantia.

“We’ve integrated our technological expertise to create a platform that is not only efficient but also incredibly user-friendly and cost-effective for car transport companies.”

Why PTXchange?

In a market where customer acquisition is paramount to business growth, PTXchange provides a unique, tech-driven approach to connecting car shipping companies with genuine leads.

The platform stands out by offering direct integration with IT systems, ensuring that leads are not just received but are also actionable in real-time.

Join the Revolution

PTXchange is set to redefine how car shipping companies in Australia connect with and manage their leads. Join us in revolutionising the industry by making auto transport lead generation and management more efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly.

Learn more about the new PTXchange and our lead generation capabilities.

About Semantia

Semantia is a Melbourne-based IT solutions provider that specialises in developing software and apps tailored to businesses’ unique needs.

With a belief that off-the-shelf software can only take companies so far, Semantia prides itself on creating solutions that embody a business’ values and objectives, ensuring they stand out in today’s competitive market.