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Lead Generation with AI Added Value

  • 3 min read
AI Enhanced Lead Generation

After all the hype of Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, Scribe AI, Speechify, Synthesia, Brandwatch, etc. We’re now seeing the next evolution of AI tools.

In WGSN’s recent Insights report ‘Top Trends for 2024 & Beyond’ they discussed the rise of the AI Assistant – the tools that are intended to do the things that people don’t want to do. Using the AI that will do trip and travel planning for you, as an example.

The flip side of having AI Assistants, are its value to the business. Rollouts have begun with big brands using the technology to power up lead generation, with AI adding extra value into the user experience.

5 interesting examples where AI adds value to the lead generation process have built an AI app called Dream Home. With the Dream Home AI you describe your dream house to the AI and it generates a picture of the home you have described. The AI then does a search of current real estate listings and finds the best properties that match to display to you.

Nike By You Custom Shoes uses AI to help you design sneakers to your own taste. Once you’ve completed designing your sneakers, the AI generates a picture and you are given the option to have them made for you to purchase.

Sephora’s Virtual Artist is a mobile phone app that allows you to “try on” Sephora products virtually. Using your phone’s camera, the app uses augmented reality to update your appearance with a representation of the product in the colour you have chosen. All products can then be added to a shopping cart for purchase.

ASOS Style Match is a mobile phone app that helps you find clothing you like. Using visual search technology, the Style Match AI inspects a photo you give it to find similar garments in the ASOS catalogue that you can then purchase.

Coke Cola AI vending machines help the company to stock machines for faster sales. Using analytics data for purchases, the vending machine is able to identify the drinks most suited to the machines location. For example, energy drinks were found to be less popular when the vending machine was located in a hospital, so the AI recommended alternative popular drinks be stocked in quantities appropriate for demand.

There have also been rumours that Coke Cola in Japan are interested in trialling AI vending machines that allow customers to custom design packaging that will be printed and wrapped on the drink as part of the purchasing process.