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Deepfakes and Synthetic Media

Deepfakes and synthetic media

Trivial and benign apps such as FaceSwap, FaceApp and Deep Nostalgia, are a fun use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology used to create computer-generated, photorealistic media.

Technology that was initially intended to –

  • fill in gaps and scratches in damaged images or video;
  • turn satellite photos into maps;
  • to create realistic streetscape videos for training autonomous vehicles;
  • give a natural-sounding voice to those who have lost their own;
  • turn actors into their older or younger selves;
  • and so much more.

Is increasingly being used in malicious and abusive ways.

The challenges of deepfakes and synthetic media are currently broadly unaddressed in Australian law; with trademarks, brands and personal identity all being vulnerable to misrepresentation.

The Australian Governments eSafety Commissioner has a website where you can report images or videos of you that have been altered and posted online to have them removed.