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ChatGPT and AI generated content

  • 2 min read
Chat GPT and AI generated content - an experiment

The Internet and social media channels have been ablaze with conversations about the perils and benefits of AI generated content.

To really get a sense of how ‘great’ or ‘garbage’ AI generated content is, our team set out to stretch the limits of these technologies and build a website, entirely from these sources.

Semantia experiment with ChatGPT and AI generated content to build a website

Starting with an AI generated logo and brand colours, every content element for the website has been generated by AI.

The greatest challenge many businesses have when it comes to building a website, is images – the photos and pictures that represent the values of their business. Using, all the photographs and pictures in the website were AI generated based on descriptive phrases such as “open car transport” and “man in hi-viz standing next to a truck”.

All copy for the website was generated by ChatGPT. The starting point was section titles for content blocks on each page. Then those titles were used to generate paragraphs of copy to build up entire pages.

Now we look forward to seeing what search bots will do with this site and to review your comments.