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24×7 App Availability with Kubernetes

Semantia chooses Kubernetes for App high availability

Having your App up and running 24×7, day in day out is absolutely essential. Providing an infrastructure for that to happen is less easy.

Semantia has chosen Kubernetes for cluster orchestration to provide the reliability needed to keep your Apps “highly available” – running 24×7.

Kubernetes was originally created by Google. Google then open-sourced Kubernetes in 2014 and it is only second to Linux as the fastest growing open-source project in history.

The key advantages of Kubernetes

  • Portability – Kubernetes works with a number of different container runtime, including containerd, CRI-O and Docker.
  • Flexibility – It works with almost any underlying infrastructure (public/private cloud or on-site servers).
  • Cloud Capability – Kubernetes works on a single cloud or spread across multiple clouds and can scale from one cloud to another easily.
  • Deployment Frequency – Development teams are able to scale and deploy faster enabling Apps to be released and updated without downtime.

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