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Software Architect Consulting

Software Architecture Fast Tracked

Sadly, the IT Industry is riddled with failed projects – massive cost blowouts and an unhappy user base. As an experienced IT Manager, Program Director, CEO or CTO, you know that with proper planning and an intelligent and informed team around you, these should never happen.

But while theory works in a perfect world (and in a perfect world your IT ROI is virtually assured), reality is a different matter.

It's Tough Making IT Decisions Fast

You’re in the role you’re in because of decisions you’ve taken in the past, the experience you have and the skills and knowledge you’ve polished. The systems, software and hardware you studied at university are relics from the past and it takes everything you’ve got to stay up-to-date with webinars, YouTube videos, forums and late night Google searches.

The pressure of deciding the fate of an entire organisation’s future (and its many employees), as you puzzle through the many layers of IT infrastructure old and new, can be agonising.  After all, it’s the decisions you take today that determine your success tomorrow.

In the wake of so many new innovations and changes within the IT industry and software development itself – deciding on new IT investment today requires new strategies, new approaches and new models of execution. New decisions, require analysis of new information, new technologies and new methodologies. How do you balance the need for “new” with the desire for “fast”.

Architecture Fast Track

The Architecture Fast Track offered by Semantia, tracks an evolutionary path of more than 15 years. Initially created to support massive re-architectural efforts during the era, it has been applied to a growing number of domains – providing solutions to a wide range of problem spaces – from B2B in transportation and logistics, warehousing, finance and billing to B2C consumer-related industries and online commerce.

It is the only Consulting Framework of its kind for architecting software and technology solutions rapidly.

The Architecture Fast Track has been used on large transformation projects for companies including Toll Holdings Coles and Sensis, as well as fast growth organisations PrixCar Services, Property Investors and Victorian Institute of Surveyors.

Run as a facilitated workshop over four weeks, it delivers focus and results across four key dimensions:

Business Dimension

  • Identify major Driving Forces affecting the business
  • Determine the business Rationale for change
  • Discuss the Implications of changes to the business
  • Create a set of Business Principles which must be adhered to

Functional Dimension

  • Identify major Functional elements required by the solution
  • Align Functional elements to Business Rationale
  • Discuss the Implications of Functional elements on the Business
  • Create a set of Functional Principles which must be adhered to

Technical Dimension

  • Identify major Technology elements required by the solution
  • Align Technical elements to Functional rationale
  • Discuss Implications of Technical elements on the Business
  • Create a set of Technical Principles which must be adhered to

Implementation Dimension

  • Identify major Implementation elements required by the solution
  • Align Implementation elements to Technology rationale
  • Discuss Implications of Implementation elements on the business
  • Create a set of Implementation Principles which must be adhered to

Architecture Fast Track and You

Architecture Fast Track is delivered as a series of four, two-hour workshops that brings together up to 10 of your key stakeholders and team members. The workshops are held on site and are focused on solving IT problems before they arise.

At the end of the process, you receive four professionally printed and bound Architecture Blueprints. These provide you with the key IT focus areas, major risk areas and estimated costs, timeframes and resource requirements.

Architecture Fast Track is designed for organisations with an IT budget of $1 million or more.