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Web Apps

Business Technology That Goes With You

In the near future, the world will be obsessed with data, autonomy and AI.

Being ready for Big Data and the Internet of things (IoT) is top of mind for start-ups and Top 100 companies everywhere. But the sad fact is, that mid-tier companies are stuck focusing on large scale transformation projects and managing the daily reality of legacy technology. Making them vulnerable to paradigm shifts and disruptors.

Web Apps are a step forward for mid-tier and growing businesses that have short time frames for solution delivery. The plasticity to integrate with legacy systems, makes web apps a golden opportunity.

Web apps are comparatively low-cost, they are device independent and have the flexibility to future proof your business. When incorporated into a program of activities to integrate with your existing environment (online, in the cloud, on site) you get the advantages of quick solutions to stay competitive now that can be merged into your transformation delivered future.

So, whether it’s an app for a complex supply chain or an industry interrupting new idea, Semantia has the team and experience to bring your vision to life.

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Web Apps in Action

Semantia has developed several example web apps using Progressive Web App (PWA) technology (through our ezumi framework) for you to explore. Download one or all of them to see what is possible for branding, functionality and innovation.

ezumi - Web App Framework

Semantia has created a developers framework for building web apps that is faster, more flexible and makes data available for your other systems.

The ezumi framework is built on PWA which makes it device independent- your web apps can run on any device that has a web browser. From iPhones to Windows tablets and everything inbetween, the web apps built using ezumi make “everywhere on any device” a reality.

Semantia PWA web app development

The App of Your Choice

Whether you need an app for customer orders/purchases or a productivity reporting tool for your team. Simply knowing what you want is all that’s needed to get started on a branded app.

They are a valuable business asset that extends the reach of your brand plus apps create a clear competitive advantage over your rivals.

You can start with a small idea and grow your app to a comprehensive platform that compliments your other IT systems, or replaces them.

The world is going mobile and now you can too.

Get Your Hands on Your App Sooner

The ezumi framework makes development faster. Instead of waiting months (or maybe even years), your app can be in your hands within weeks with your brand colours and design.

ezumi uses a modular approach to development – that means functionality and features for your app can be rolled out over time. Preventing a massive hit to your budget and long delays waiting for the “perfect” app to be finished. The constant improvement of your app with new features and functionality also keeps your community engaged as they see continuous innovation appear in the app on their device.

Fast to develop web apps for mobile
Australian support for Semantia developed web apps

Supported Maintenance and Management

Web apps built with the ezumi framework inherit PWA’s lightweight nature, so your web app is fast loading and can be indexed by search engines. That means you can use regular web analytics tools for tracking your app usage. 

Additionally management, support and maintenance for your app is simpler and easier than a traditional app. App updates can be pushed out and within minutes be available for your community to use.

If you decide you don’t want to go it alone, the Semantia support team will be your support team. Looking after the infrastructure for your app as well as providing helpdesk support.