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Virtual CTO

Contract a Chief Technology Officer

There is an on-going global shortage of experienced Solutions Architects and highly-qualified Chief Technology Officers (CTO). Those that could be the right fit for you may be out of your price range with their multi-hundred thousand dollar salary’s plus perks. Resulting in an instant hit to your project costs.

Without the required level of expertise at the helm of your project, your in the vulnerable position of project uncertainty and a potential of severely compromised technical productivity that can lead to unprecedented and unforeseen cost blow-outs.

Success follows success and when you have the right team on board – a successful team – you have a substantially higher level of confidence that your IT project will be completed; on time and on budget.

What a Virtual CTO Can Do For You

A Virtual CTO from Semantia gives you the technology strategies, solutions and business IT knowledge you need for making the right decisions for your organsation and IT projects.

For a fraction of the cost to recruit and employ a full-time CTO, your organisation gets to work with a leading technology strategist who will assess technology options for you; and work directly with your team to develop the technical solution needed to fulfill your corporate vision.

Technology Leadership

Your Virtual CTO represents the technology interests of your business at board or high-level meetings and presentations. Giving you unbiased information against which to make reliable technical decisions.

Your Virtual CTO provides you with a no-nonsense, easy to understand explanation of any technical information that has been presented. They help you to translate it into a meaningful concept that relates directly to your strategic vision.

Technology Strategy Planning

Your Virtual CTO completes an assessment of all current and future business requirements, together with the technologies that need to be integrated into your current infrastructure (and company culture). Their primary objective is to enable new business opportunities, increase productivity as well as achieve better resource utilisation and management.

Senior Level Engagement

Your Virtual CTO represents you – the Senior Management Team. Their motivation lies in ensuring that your business is able to maintain IT vendor neutrality, accurate auditing and assessment of your IT department’s systems and capabilities. Assessing the effectiveness of the strategies, systems and processes currently employed within your company for future growth and business opportunities fitness.

Current Technology Assessment

Your Virtual CTO performs an audit and assessment of current technology in use within your organization. Identifying and uncovering risks such as dependencies, systemic bottlenecks, use of proprietary standards and process compliance issues.

Assess IT Infrastructure

As well as a conducting a complete assessment of all current and future business requirements, your Virtual CTO provides an audit of your current IT infrastructure to determine potential capability or technology gaps that would hinder future business success.

Technology Briefings & Presentations

As a member of your team, your Virtual CTO will take responsibility for preparation and reporting of the latest technologies and the opportunities that those technologies could deliver for the organisation.

14 Ways to Benefit from a Virtual CTO

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