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Helpful Content and Google Search

  • 3 min read
SEO and Google Helpful Content Updates

New Rules for Creating Findable Online Content

Once again Google has doubled down on the concept of ‘helpful’ content with more algorithm changes that favour human readers over search bots.

Google Search and Helpful Content Video

The explosion of AI driven content writing apps and software recently has been on Google’s radar for some time. So it’s no surprise that the latest round of Google Search algorithm updates would single out this kind of content as being ‘unhelpful’.

Google has some pretty clear ideas on what it considers to be ‘helpful’. Over the past 4 years has even been redefining the online landscape in the image of what it believes is best for people searching the Internet.

The 9 Question Helpful Content Audit

SEO experts have identified 9 key questions for webmasters and content creators. Use these 9 questions when assessing and reviewing web content. They are your guide to the future of ‘helpful content’.

  1. Is the content being intentionally created to attract people from search engines to your website? (Would the content be considered ‘click-bait’?)
  2. Are you producing lots of content on different topics in the hope that some of it will get good search results and web traffic? (Would your blog or website be considered overwhelming?)
  3. Are you using extensive automation to produce content on many topics? (Would your content be considered boring or repetitive?)
  4. Are you mainly summarising what others have to say without adding much value? (Would the content be considered to be second-rate or ‘light on substance’?)
  5. Are you writing about things simply because they are trending? (Would your target audience consider the content to be irrelevant?)
  6. Does your content leave readers feeling like they need to search again to get better information from other sources? (Would your bounce rate be improved with a content rewrite?)
  7. Are you writing to a particular word count? (Would the content be considered bloated, fluffy or poorly written?)
  8. Have you chosen your niche topic areas for search traffic or because of real expertise? (Would the content be recognised as authoritative and credible by experts in your field?)
  9. Does your content promise to answer a question that actually has no answer? (Would content that’s presented as factual and with certainty be considered gossip, speculation or innuendo instead?)

Helpful Content Evaluation

The team at Conversion Leadership, have followed the many twists and turns of algorithm updates by Google and formulated SEO strategies that are both ‘white hat’ and have withstood the test of time.

So if you’re finding it particularly challenging to review content that you are really ‘close to’ – work that may have take weeks or months to create. Reach out to the team for an independent evaluation.

Advice on small tweaks and restructuring of content can make all the difference. Preventing large scale loss of content or significant investments in new content creation.

For a commercial in confidence conversation about your content. Call 1300 766 328