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Digital Behaviours of Australians in 2020

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GWI Key Digital Behaviours & Trends for Australian Consumers in 2020

Lifestyle, Technology, Media and Purchasing

The Global Web Index (GWI) published its Australian consumer snapshot report recently, to capture and analyse how CoVID19 and the global pandemic was impacting and influencing consumer sentiment. These are the interesting trends we identified in their numbers.

7 Insights into Australian Consumer Values

  • Brand Reliability: the reliability of a brand’s products (and services) was more important for Australians than a brand’s authenticity
  • Online Purchasing: Australians are more willing to buy Financial Service products online than the global average
  • Product Ownership: Australian’s still prefer “product ownership” over “access to products” when make purchases
  • Paying for Shipping: when deciding which online store to buy from 70% of Australians chose the e-tailer with “free delivery”
  • Social Media: the number one reason for Australians being on social media continues to be “to stay in touch with what friends are doing”
  • Following Brands: on social media 35% followed brands they trusted, 19% followed brands they were considering buying from
  • Smart Speakers: Australians are above the global average for smart speaker (Alexa, Google Home, etc) ownership, 82% vs 65%

Courtesy of WGI | Key Digital Behaviours & Trends Over Time & Across Demographics