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7 Future Drivers for Business in 2023

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7 Future Drivers for 2023

The Four C’s – Connection, Conservation, Communication and Community

In WGSN’s report “Future Drivers 2023 seven global drivers are identified as being key in researching the macroeconomic and business landscape of 2023. Drivers predicted to be key strategies that businesses can action today for future success.

7 Drivers for Future Strategic Advantage

  • Radical Reform: this will be front and centre for 2023. Be prepared to be held accountable for diversity, sustainability and CSR practices
  • Safety & Security: this will drive innovation in defensive materials, an increase in home and neighbourhood security networks, and make touchless payments and products mainstream
  • The Tech Paradox: cobots (collaborative robots that interact with humans) and democratised digital literacy will gain ground, but on the flip side, infodemics, influencer fatigue and the politics of global technology will drive a tech reset
  • Community 3.0: look to the growth of community supply chains, staff who are steps away from the stores, and up-skilling locals to keep community money intact
  • Environment: From Urgency to Emergency: regenerative businesses are creating a sustainable future, while made-to-order manufacturing and nearshoring are reshaping distribution models
  • The Recession Generation: unstable job markets and a new gig economy will drive new generational spending and consumption habits
  • New Alliances: international relations are being reshaped and this is underscoring political tensions, with growing knock-on effects

Courtesy of WGSN | Create Tomorrow | Trend Forecasting & Analytics