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What Can be Automated in Business?

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What Can be Automated in Business?

There are many areas in a business that benefit from automation. From sending follow-up emails to monitoring manufacturing equipment, automation simplifies many areas of a business by automatically accomplishing tasks that you or an employee would otherwise have to do manually.

What Admin and Finance Tasks Can be Automated?

  • Receiving notifications when payments don’t clear
  • Following up with clients when credit cards expire
  • Creating invoices
  • Sending out reminder messages on overdue unpaid invoices
  • Calendar based task reminders for financial periods
  • Requests for document signatures
  • Document scanning and data capture
  • File and document sharing
  • Asset management and tracking
  • Payments for recurring bills
  • Employee inductions
  • Aggregated industry news
  • Tracking application processes
  • Updating employee profiles
  • Importing bank statements and transaction data into your accounting system
  • Monthly journal entries
What finance and admin tasks can be automated?

What IT Tasks Can be Automated?

  • Recovering lost passwords
  • Synchronising devices
  • Batch processing
  • Helpdesk support ticketing
  • System and files backups
  • User account authentications
  • File conversions
  • Use integration to pass data between software applications
  • Sorting and filtering emails
  • Email auto-forwarding 
  • Archiving content and data
  • System performance and sensor monitoring
  • Firewall and network security monitoring

What Marketing Tasks Can be Automated?

  • Respond immediately to an email contact request from your website
  • Staying connected with prospects with regular emails
  • Following up with new connections after networking events
  • Scheduling and publishing blog and social media posts
  • Event registrations
  • Online mention monitoring
  • Trend and analytics reporting
  • Blog post to video creation
  • Article and document transcription
  • Generating quotes and order estimates
  • Adding contact information to your CRM
  • Lead scoring
  • Deleting ‘dead leads’ out of your CRM

What Sales Tasks Can be Automated?

  • Allocating a sales inquiry to a sales representative
  • On-boarding a new client to make a great first impression that is always consistent
  • Making new sales offers to existing clients
  • Reminding clients when to restock
  • Sending anniversary based messages for birthdays
  • Managing loyalty programs
  • Scheduling appointments and meetings
  • Proposals and tender response records 
  • Abandoned shopping cart reminders
  • Customer segmenting
What customer service tasks can be automated?

What Customer Service Tasks Can be Automated?

  • Sending out appointment reminders
  • Requests for feedback after providing support
  • Asking for testimonials
  • Asking clients for referrals
  • Following up with delivery updates
  • Call routing to connect the relevant employee with a client
  • Logging support calls
  • Resource planning
  • Auto-assigning issues to employees