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Conversion Leadership

Digital Marketers and Growth Hackers

Semantia launched Conversion Leadership in 2011 to provide digital marketing services to many of our clients who wanted to improve their websites and online marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing and specifically – “Automated Closed-loop Marketing” is the process of using data-based evidence to drive the continuous evolution of your “online presence”  (your website, app or platform) to deliver the sales and customer experience that works best for you.

Conversion Leadership works with medium-sized businesses to create customised digital marketing processes just for you. Everything is designed and built uniquely for you to further your online intellectual property, identity and brand.

All services offered are highly-targeted towards achieving your specific business outcomes for – marketing, brand awareness, transactions, customer service or anything more exclusive.

Conversion Leadership an Overview

According to Google, 4 out of 10 people research online before purchasing. That means it’s vital to get your business in front of the right people while they are searching (during the “research phase”), and then have a plan of action for what to do next.

Your customers are online searching for information about your products and services right now...

Strategy plus Execution

Exclusive custom strategy and roadmap to pursue your business outcomes, using your team or ours.

Converting your Traffic

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to target, filter and deliver the best opportunities.

Full Agency

Our team includes programmers, web specialists, designers, copywriters, media producers, marketers, translators and much more.


Custom automation to streamline processes for internal business workflows and customer/supplier/partner facing communications

Insights and Visibility

Analytics, tracking, data and reporting across your online presence to gain valuable insights into how your customers behave.


Extending the life of your most important systems with custom integrations and new interfaces to get data where you need it.

Conversion Leadership Client Results

Website SEO Case Study

The data metrics from analytics


Increase in website visitor volumes (website traffic)


SEO phrase/concepts in top 1 - 3 positions in SERPs


Website traffic from new visitors with <30% bounce rate


A national car transport provider turned to Semantia’s Conversion Leadership for help to get its website “into shape”.

The starting point – an outdated website unable to measure the real ROI of their current efforts. After some analysis, we shared with the client the shocking news that they were spending significantly more (of their online marketing budget) than was actually needed for less than 3,000 visitors per month.

The client's number one objective

Car Transport Case Study

What was done

1. Identify the challenge and develop a strategy

The client was too close to the problem, so couldn’t see what the problems were. There had also been a lot of uncertainty about whether they were doing things the “right way”

By helping the client to recognise the website had too broad a focus. They were able to understand what wasn’t working as well as they wanted.

The chosen strategy was one that was alienating visitors and missing out on the opportunity to dominate a significant and profitable sector of their market.

2. Focus on the leads, prospects and customers they actually wanted

The next step was to truly identify who the buying decision-makers really were.

Traditionally a B2B business; creating a scalable online B2C channel for sales through their website was new territory. There was anxiety about brand and reputation fallout if things failed.

That meant starting with a tiny sub-set of their actual audience of prospects to gain confidence and minimise the risks of any downside.

3. Did what they couldn't do

There was a lot of work needed to take their idea and vision, and make it happen.

Conversion Leadership provided full agency support by taking responsibility for all website content creation – including converting their sales and marketing assets into web ready materials.

The website architecture was also re-engineered by Conversion Leadership to better suit data collection and analytics reporting.

To ensure the website would evolve as consumer trends changed, some initial benchmarks for the website were established and used for the on-going testing and optimisation that Conversion Leadership does.

4. Fit the website into existing business workflows

By helping our client pivot to a B2C “customer first” focus, Conversion Leadership was able to support them in bringing the website’s performance as a sales and marketing platform into line with their business objectives.

A number of powerful SaaS systems were also hooked into the website. This enabled visitor activities to be pushed through into other existing business systems, to merge in with other operational data.

The outcomes and results

Steps 1, 2 and 3 were completed in 90 days – the strategy was developed and the new website launched.

After the website launched, our client saw an increase in traffic by 10% within the first month.

Two years later; our client underwent a corporate rebranding activity… the website continued its high performance without traffic loss.

Five years after launch; the website continues to dominate the top three positions in search engines – with more than 130 “non-branded” buying intended keyword phrases.

At this point organic search accounts for more than 18,000 new website visitors per month. With total website traffic up by 738% on initial benchmarks.

At the time of writing, the website was delivering an ROI of more than 1,000%.