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Evaluating virtual team performance

How to Evaluate and Appraise Team Performance in Virtual Teams

  • 6 min read

Performance appraisal is considered a challenging task by many business managers. When it comes to virtual workplaces however, performance appraisal for virtual teams becomes even more daunting.

With the virtual team members distributed globally and coming from different cultures and backgrounds, it is important to ensure that the entire process of performance evaluation is perceived as fair and upright by all the stakeholders.

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Semantia for accelerated results

Accelerating Your Results

  • 3 min read

Semantia was named a Finalist in the Most Innovative Company Category of the 2013 Business Excellence Awards…. Read more »

Getting your business into shape so that you can put in an entry for an award can be harrowing. Not just because it can be challenging to objectively describe your business and what you do, but also to acknowledge results from your efforts are worthy of recognition.

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Business process automation services from Semantia

Business Process Improvement with Business Automation

  • 4 min read

A survey of 1,400 CIOs by Gartner Executive Programs revealed that the top business priority of their company was business process improvement.

With increasing pressure to keep costs down, improve their performance and service delivery, successful companies turn to solutions that automate processes, standardise best practices, and improve efficiency.

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