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Web App Developer - WordPress & PWA

Position: Part-time
Location: Melbourne

You are looking for a team and a place where you can contribute your knowledge and skills. Somewhere you can thrive, get more experience and encouragement for experimenting and trying out new things.

We’re looking for a dynamic part-timer – someone with a curious mind that loves the online world and has WordPress development skills.

You’d be joining a specialist and enthusiastic development team with a “can-do” attitude working on cool, challenging and interesting projects.

About the Position

This is an entry-level position where you’ll be supported by the team. They will guide, mentor and work along side you.

You’ll be responsible for developing PWA apps, building mobile responsive websites and tech admin.

You’ll update, secure, create, test, learn, optimise and get the results that matter most for Clients. This requires your curious mind to ask questions and find answers to implement.

This role is part-time and would best suit a University student or graduate who is looking to apply their learning and skills to commercial, real world projects.

Role Skills & Responsibilities

  • Great communication skills (written and spoken)
  • Excellent skills with WordPress
  • Experience working with PHP, HTML, JS and CSS (can be Uni project experience)
  • Expert in using search engines to research and find solutions
  • Confident developing on an Apple computer with virtual dev environments
  • Enjoy learning and have a curious mind

Additional Skills

Everyone’s career journey is different. 

The things that you take an interest in, over and above the things you do because you “need to”, give you additional skills of merit. 

For example –

  • Experience with a SDLC and IDE (such as Eclipse, GitHub)
  • Programming code for projects in games, AR or app development
  • Worked with JavaScript libraries (for example React, Angular etc)
  • Used Docker for the deployment of applications (or alternatives such as Kubernetes, Virtual Box)
  •  Experience using a cloud-computing platform (such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Basic to advanced design skills in UI/UX (software, gaming, AR, web or apps) 
  • Experience working with Clients (in a retail, call center, support or sales role)
  • Completed an Intern position within the last 6 months

About You

As a global citizen you embrace the many different cultures that exist around the world, respect the differences that make everyone unique and curiously participate in new experiences to expand your own world.

You enjoy being part of a team and also having the independence of working solo on your own tasks and projects. This means you have great time management skills and are a self-motivated, self-starter.

You become motivated and inspired when faced with something new or challenging, and willingly ask for feedback so that you can gain ever-greater skills, understanding and expertise.

You enjoy learning and also sharing what you learn with others, which makes you comfortable with asking others for assistance when you get stuck.

What's in it for you?

  • Part-time negotiable work hours
  • Attractive hourly rate
  • When not working from home; a modern office in handy central city location with easy access to public transport and city Uni campuses
  • An autonomous role within a great team
  • Opportunity to expand into a Full-Stack Developer role