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Trend Predictions for 2022

From Colour to Attitudes Here are the Trends to Watch in 2022 WGSN have again assembled their annual forecast video of trends to watch and it’s another year of fascinating predictions.

eCommerce & the Spread of Synthetic Media in 2021

Explosive eCommerce Growth The COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020 has had some unexpected and surprising impacts. Not least of which is the massive growth of eCommerce. To put that growth into perspective. In 2019 there were just 2 trading…

Profiles and Personas for Cyber Criminals

Cyber Criminals Aren’t Always Who You Imagine Them to Be Enablers can be your local suburban Accountants or Lawyers who haven’t done their due diligence, are engaged in risky business recovery activities or simply fulfilling their personal financial greed. They…

Advances in Hologram Technology

A team of researchers from Brigham Young University have been advancing hologramic technology in pursuit of screen-less holograms. Holograms that are suspended in 3D space and able to be projected in relation to objects in the real world.

Digital Behaviours of Australians in 2020

Lifestyle, Technology, Media and Purchasing The Global Web Index (GWI) published its Australian consumer snapshot report recently, to capture and analyse how CoVID19 and the global pandemic was impacting and influencing consumer sentiment. These are the interesting trends we identified…

Deepfakes and Synthetic Media

Trivial and benign apps such as FaceSwap, FaceApp and Deep Nostalgia, are a fun use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology used to create computer-generated, photorealistic media.